Up To Us

The project Up To Us is a spatial system based on different activities in a third age Center. It designs to arouse and stimulate communication between the residents and their environment. With typical aging, communication skills change subtly at least in part because of changes in physical health, depression, and cognitive decline. Third age people suffer … More Up To Us

Empathy | Music spots

The experience of hearing music The project is about the connection between music and people with dementia- A system of private and public music spots to intensify the experience of hearing music alone or with others. The Goals of the projects are to achieve more interaction between the residents and others, and restoring the resident’s memory and forgotten identity. Private room system The indoor speaker … More Empathy | Music spots

SENSORIAL LIBRARY – DZigning an Activity

A sensorial library is actually a library which contains multiple portable SCENT sensors. The scent library is based on pre customized smell sensors, according to the individual user preferences.h Our activity focus on stimulation of the sense of smell and reviving lifetime memories, by utilising personal biography, to encourage communication ability and arouse awareness and conviviality.h 25.02.16 A link to the final presentation  

One click from the Third Age- When technology connects again.

by Giacomo Piovan A few years ago, Valentina, my 75-year-old grandma, ex-teacher and passionate cook started to lose her sense of hearing and sight. Day by day, this problem made her more isolated. At this point, she had to make a decision: to allow this isolation to happen or to develop her autonomy in other … More One click from the Third Age- When technology connects again.

story teller box

After working as individuals on two different concepts which led us to two different   boxes, we set together and thought how to combine these two ideas into one strong concept that will lead us to a common box. In fact, it was quiet clear to us. One box (Tamar’s) was dealing with memories and … More story teller box